Attract, Select and Onboard One or More Real Estate Sales Team Members In 90 Days or Less

Mastermind with dedicated real estate business owners to build your team, maximize results, profits and long-term growth

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Who Is It For?

  • Established real estate business owners and managers responsible for growing and retaining a productive and highly profitable team of real estate sales professionals
  • Established real estate business owners looking to grow their brand into a new marketing location or locations
  • New companies in their first two years looking to expand their marketing footprint and attract a power team for launch and beyond
  • Real estate salespeople looking to break away and set up their own brand and business who seek guidance, support and experience to pull the trigger and set up and grow a highly profitable business with the right people
  • Established individual agents working within a team who want to build their own team of assistants and salespeople

How It Works?

The 90-Day team builder program is a fully-interactive on-going group mastermind hosted by Trent Pool and Ray Wood that works with real estate business owners to find and onboard one or more real estate team members in 90 days or less.

Here's the outline: We dive deep into the 5 stages of building a great team:

  1. Attracting  Setting expectations and incentivizing. Making you the most attractive agency to work with in town. Defining your package and pitching your offer. Marketing and how to always be 'open' to hire a great team member. The best commission splits to attract and keep great talent. Creating the best possible success environment and experience for your new team members.
  2. Selecting  Hire slow, fire fast. Sharing expectations. Following specific guidelines. Reducing time required to process and identify the best people. Streamlining selection to quickly identify talent. Cherry-picking local experienced talent. Reviewing the application and the 4 interview process. Assessing potential to succeed.
  3. Onboarding  (Depending on experience level) Structured planning meeting, New recruit signs off on the following: CRM and software familiarity check and setup. Training platform check and setup. Marketing platform check and setup. Procedures and systems check and setup. Company policy review and daily standup meeting agenda. Note: You want sign-off on these items so if there’s an issue in the future, you can ask why they already acknowledged their acceptance. AKA early warning sign.
  4. Training  Access our training vault. Boosting your new team member’s chance of success with the right training strategies. Are they utilizing resources? Watch for excuses. Look for ownership and personal accountability.
  5. Retaining  Protecting your hiring investment. Inclusive planning and additional initiatives to promote retention. Helping great team members make the decision to stay. Going beyond the job.

You’re getting unique and personal access to Trent and Ray's experience, skills and advice. (Trent is currently the owner and MD at McGrath Noosa and also remotely runs Merimbula Realty on New South Wales’ south coast) Both Trent and Ray have operated highly successful real estate teams over many years. They have developed the best systems, digital tools, support networks, working environments, relationships, training, marketing and relevant documentation to create a thriving professional environment that nurtures and encourages a multi-member team to remain focused and productive over many years.

You get guidance and direction via regular group Mastermind sessions taking you step-by-step through the 5 stages of adding competent and capable sales team members including attracting, selecting, onboarding, training and retaining dynamic and productive team members

All group Mastermind sessions are recorded and uploaded to our private online community, coaching and resources portal where you enjoy ongoing access. If you miss a session, it’s recorded and you have permanent access.

The online private support portal also hosts extensive tools and concepts for marketing, email and letter scripts and proven campaign templates to help bring everything together.

The initial session shares our overall plan for the Mastermind including proven success strategies together with common mistakes to avoid.

Get started with a one-on-one planning session with Trent or Ray to establish current challenges, opportunities and goals for the coming year.

We share our best and proven marketing designs, ads and social media posts.

We build you a customized online application form where potential team members can share specific details as they move toward the next stage of possible selection.

You get complimentary access to for all recruitment-related marketing and graphic assets as well as unlimited access to thousands of dedicated real estate marketing templates that cater to every industry requirement.

You’ll be joining a motivated group of like-minded business owners all pulling in the same direction to build their teams. Our private online community encourages idea-sharing and contributions to fast-track participant learning and results

Training and retaining team members are two key features of our program. Your new recruits get complimentary access to our massive training vault and online courses.

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